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Best Places to Buy Multifamily Properties

Best places to buy multifamily propertiesIf location is the top indicator of investor success, then you want to ensure you have the right areas in mind. Where to purchase apartment buildings or complexes that give you the highest return starts with understanding what each market has to offer. For example, landlord-friendly states give you the confidence that your properties will be protected with fair laws that allow you to evict tenants with poor performing leases. Additionally, you want to find an area that is stable and growing, versus shrinking.

Find the best places to buy multifamily properties when you seek out the services of The Estes Group. Our years of market knowledge, leadership ability, and integrity benefits you and your goals. We continuously communicate throughout each process so you can make sound real estate decisions. Put our investor focused mindset to the test when you contact us for your next project.

4 States to Put at the Top of Your List When Buying Multifamily Properties

Part of real estate investing is enjoying the area in which you place your money. The Southeast Gulf states are comprised of some gorgeous landscapes and rich history. You may feel like you are stepping back in time, but in reality, you will find some of the hottest places to invest. Here are four states to consider:

  1. Mississippi: The Magnolia State is excellent for cash flow purposes. Enjoy stable values and predictable cash flow with the best apartment buildings for sale in Mississippi. It is also a very landlord-friendly state with helpful tenant laws and eviction processes.
  2. Alabama: If you are looking for a state with several cities growing faster than the national average, look no further. You can enjoy stable and predictable values when you purchase an Alabama apartment complex for sale in this landlord-friendly state.
  3. Tennessee: This area boasts of two fast-growing hotspots, Nashville and East Tennessee, where the younger generation seeks out better employment opportunities. You will find a very competitive market with opportunities for serious appreciation values and landlord-friendly laws. If you are aiming to be a smart and profitable investor today and well into the future, check out multifamily properties for sale in Tennessee.
  4. Louisiana: Down in the Bayou State, you will find several areas experiencing growth while most of the state is stable with predictable cash flows. Locations of apartment buildings for sale in Louisiana are paramount in this state. It is friendly for landlords with a few exceptions in particular parts of the southern areas.

Work with an Experienced Multifamily Brokerage for the Best ROI

Find the perfect piece of real estate to fill out your portfolio when you check out the fast-growing states of Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, and Louisiana. Get the assistance you seek when you work with a preferred multifamily brokerage team like you will find at The Estes Group. Our brokers have the experience and contacts to find the perfect pick for your wealth-building goals.

Find out more about our multifamily brokerage services. Call us at 601-362-9633 or contact us online to discuss your real estate goals. We are licensed to operate in Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, and Tennessee.