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Investments & Aquisitions

Investment real estate Jackson MississippiThrough our wholly-owned subsidiary, Equity Capital Group, LLC, our firm principal has the ability to help other investors to invest directly in commercial real estate projects through a myriad of services. Because of our management and operational platform, we have the ability to pull resources and equity sources together to purchase, develop, reposition and add-value to any type of investment real estate.

Not all real estate investors want to go it alone…..our firm will work with investors to pull together projects and other like-minded investors to acquire, hold & sell properties which meet the risk and return profile.

Investment Real Estate in Jackson Mississippi & Other Cities in AL, LA, MS and TN.

Group Investments: We routinely find high net-worth individuals who seek opportunities and want to actively participate in both short-term and long-term real estate ventures. Our firm can help by pulling other equity sources and using our operational platform to achieve the desired investment.

Syndications/Sponsorships: Our firm’s principal provides investment opportunities to individuals who meet the SEC criteria to invest into a private equity fund. These individuals will be provided a Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) to review and determine, along with their advisors, whether the proposed investment meets their risk and return profile.

Joint Venture-General Partnerships: There are many times when several investors or investment companies will want to partner together on larger developments or reposition opportunities and our firm can help be the General Partner for investors wanting or needing someone in the driver’s seat.

Real Estatement Investment Opportunities In MississippiWorking Partner Program: This program was started by the firm’s principle to help investors who may be struggling with underperforming properties. This may involve bringing “rescue capital” or just taking over as the General Partner to run the day to day operations and use the firm’s entrepreneurial team to turn the property and investment around.

Wealth Management/Estate Planning: Our dedication to integrity and put the “Client” first attitude has allowed us the opportunity to work alongside wealth advisors and estate planning professionals. Our assistance can be limited to just consultative advice or entering into an ownership arrangement whereby the aging Owner has an exit strategy by agreeing to an installment sale over a certain period of time. In addition, the aging Owner may then turn over the day to day operations to our firm and not be burdened with the daily issues.

Over the years, we have also found that many second generation owners or surviving spouses may not want or could handle the property’s investment operations and daily decisions. Our firm offers the opportunity to step in as a general partner or manager to help make these decisions and still provide the monthly cash flow to the heirs.

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