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Investment Real Estate Services to Increase Your Net Worth

Investment Real Estate Company MississippiWhile it may be easy to find an investment real estate company in Mississippi, few have the capital and leverage to assist high net-worth clients like you. You deserve to work with a company that provides you with constant communication and accountability. You should also seek a firm that can offer you transactional, asset, and investment management so that you can have a well-rounded real estate portfolio. Why build your wealth any other way?

Choose an investment real estate company in Mississippi with the expertise and integrity to assist you in building wealth. Our team leads the Gulf area because we are investor focused and concentrate on income producing projects. We do this by consistently learning and understanding the global and domestic investment property markets. We then use this knowledge and our leadership ability to help you make the best decisions for your portfolio.

6 Categories of Real Estate Investment Services to Build a Sound Portfolio

Utilizing a range of services aids you in reaching your financial goals. Here are five categories of services to create a well-rounded real estate investment strategy:

  1. Brokerage and Transaction Services: You need knowledgeable assistance in finding the right property in which to invest. You need leads and help with strategies that make the most of your return on investment. We understand this and specialize in developing strategies so that you see your net worth increase, whether you are acquiring, disposing, or leasing your assets.
  2. Multifamily Brokerage: Multifamily investments are real estate properties such as apartment buildings and complexes that have separate units for multiple tenants. While the cost of entry into this market is higher, the returns are higher too. You’ve worked hard to establish your high net worth. As you embark on your real estate investing career, you want a team of experienced multifamily real estate brokers who can help you enhance your portfolio and achieve your financial goals.
  3. Property and Asset Management: It is challenging to keep abreast of the constant changes in the industry. Hiring a property and asset management team may be the smartest decision you make. You stay in the know about the value of your real estate investment, get insight from properly trained property managers, and excellent facility management. We help keep track of accounts receivable and payable with our accounting affiliates.
  4. Investments and Acquisitions: Real estate investing can be done in different ways. Some investors choose to join with others in group investments or joint ventures and general partnerships. Additionally, when the time is near for retirement, some high net-worth individuals seek further assistance from their investment real estate company in Mississippi. We offer many opportunities to help you build the portfolio you desire at different stages of your life.
  5. Development Services: Starting from raw land and building to create strip malls, office buildings, retail centers, neighborhood centers, and so on, takes a team with decades of experience. We have that experience and the relationships in the industry to move quickly and efficiently on an investment property. You can depend on us to handle your large development project.
  6. Court Appointed Receiverships: Sometimes, an investment goes sour, and a borrower or a joint investor fails to perform as required to protect, preserve, or enhance an asset. We can come in as a third-party under court orders and quickly assess the situation, handle the day-to-day operations, and potentially add value to a property.

Create Lasting Wealth for Generations to Come

Today’s fast-paced world of investing may leave you wondering where to start, or you may be looking for someone to come alongside and help you in your financial goals. Choose an investment real estate company in Mississippi that has the track record and the knowledge to help you create generational wealth. The team at The Estes Group stand ready with our years of knowledge and expertise to ensure you reach what you set out to accomplish.

Find out more about how our full range of services benefit your real estate investment portfolio. Call us at 601-362-9633 or contact us online to discuss your real estate goals. We are licensed to operate in Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, and Tennessee.