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How to Find Profitable Commercial Real Estate in Jackson, MS

March 31st, 2023

When you invest in commercial real estate in Jackson, MS, you want to maximize your earnings to create a viable portfolio. Learning more about what makes a commercial property profitable can help you find the right investments. The Estes Group understands commercial real estate in the Gulf states. Our boutique approach to real estate can help you maximize your investments. Here’s what we look for.

Properties Where Growth Is Clearly Evident

Commercial properties that are in areas where demand is high for housing and where investors are supporting the infrastructure of the community, are great for investments. Our professional team can help you evaluate the market to make sure that you have all the information you need to make a wise investment. We have an operational platform that helps pull together resources and equity sources, if needed, to help add value to any investment in real estate. Trust us with your commercial real estate needs in Jackson, MS – we understand investments and acquisitions.

Properties with Multiple Tenants

Commercial real estate in Jackson, MS with the highest ROI includes properties with more tenants. The land will almost always increase in value, but the greatest value in real estate is the cash flow. Multifamily apartments, office buildings, and student housing have more potential to generate more cash flow. The downside is that more tenants mean more management headaches. Make sure to have a good property management plan as part of your overall business strategy.

Properties with Triple Net Lease

Commercial tenants tend to want to stay in one place long-term, which gives you some negotiating material on your side. A triple net lease is an agreement in commercial real estate in which the tenant pays property taxes, maintenance, and insurance on the property in question. Although you may give up some rental income, you also have stable income without the added costs of maintenance, taxes, and insurance. Long-term leases can be highly profitable without the headache of property management.

You Still Need to Know the Market

Although real estate can be very profitable, the market can be fickle. It’s important to consider many other factors beyond just profitability of the property. Thinking long-term about the development in the community and remembering to factor in the current population of the neighborhood can help you make wise decisions about your investment. You’ll want to understand any local regulations that can limit your earnings from commercial real estate.

Partner with the Pros When You Invest in Commercial Real Estate in Jackson, MS

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been investing in commercial real estate for years, The Estes Group can give you an advantage to build your portfolio and maximize your investments now and in the future. We are a boutique real estate firm with the experience and knowledge to assist you in buying commercial real estate to meet your goals. Let us support your goals with our expertise.

Call us at 601-362-9633 or contact us online to learn more about our commercial real estate services in Jackson, MS and across the southern Gulf states.