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How Commercial Property Management Companies Can Help You Become More Profitable

November 30th, 2022

Investors invest in stocks, bonds, and real estate to make money. Not only does this require understanding the market and looking for profitable options, but it also means keeping an eye on things. As a busy landlord, you have more to do than handle the day-to-day functions and operations of your office buildings, strip malls, and multi-family locations. Wise investors collaborate with quality commercial property management companies to maintain their real estate investments and handle daily operations. When you know that you can’t be everywhere at once, you need additional eyes, ears, and hands to take care of things on your behalf!

3 Ways a Property Management Company May Lead to Better Profitability

Real estate investing has many positives, particularly the recurring income you receive. The right investment may enhance your overall profitability. Commercial property management companies help operations running smoothly so that your return on investment is worth it.

Here are three ways they can help you:

  1. Keep up on preventative maintenance. Just as you maintain your home to ensure you can enjoy it for years, preventative maintenance on commercial properties does the same for your portfolio. An established property management company can keep up with the maintenance needed throughout your buildings and units. They will make upgrades as necessary to prevent expensive damage later. For example, they may upgrade an electrical panel or have regular HVAC maintenance completed.
  2. Excellent financial record keeping. A great professional property management company will keep precise financial records. They keep files and reports in order and easily accessible, including profit and loss statements, balance sheets, detailed rent information, and delinquency reports. They also keep inspection and repair reports. Without detailed information, you may not have a clear picture of how much your investments are worth. However, with a review of monthly, quarterly, and annual reports, you’ll know whether you are making money or losing out on significant profits.
  3. Cash flow. If you decide to sell your commercial properties later, the buyer will want to know if the real estate brings in solid monthly revenue. They will look at the financial reports. Experienced commercial property management companies understand the market. They will be able to provide detailed comparisons to ensure yours is earning the best market rents with a decent cash flow.

Choose a Property Management Company with Your Best Interests in Mind

Make the most of your commercial real estate investments by hiring a full-service property management company to protect your interests. The Estes Group offers property and asset management services to aid you in protecting your wealth-building goals. We employ a full-time Facility Manager to handle the day-to-day maintenance operations. Our knowledgeable staff can handle leases and record keeping. We believe in a client-focused approach to servicing our clients and we provide excellent record-keeping so that you always know the value of your investments. Look to us for help throughout Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Louisiana when you contact us today! We can answer all your questions about investing in and managing commercial real estate.

Call us at 601-362-9633 or contact us online for help from our commercial property management team to give you the best return on your investments in Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Louisiana.