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What Makes a Real Estate Investment Opportunity in Mississippi a Good Opportunity?

January 12th, 2023

On the whole, real estate tends to be a good investment. Evaluating a specific commercial property can be a bit more difficult. It’s been said that real estate is about location, location, and location, but there are many factors that determine whether a particular property will align with your real estate needs and goals. Here are some things to help you evaluate a real estate investment opportunity in Mississippi.

Commercial Properties that Are the Most Profitable

Getting the biggest return on your investment is important when investing in real estate. Choose properties that have the most potential. Properties with a higher number of tenants will usually have a higher ROI. With more tenants, the property is more in demand. You also have a more diverse income stream, where you’re not dependent on any one tenant. Markets where growth is happening will also be more profitable. Suburbs where single-family homes are being built might be a great place to invest in a multi-family apartment building to provide other housing options. Areas that are stagnant may need housing options, but without growth, your building may not have the same capacity to raise rents and draw new tenants.

Market Trends in the Area

The local market impacts commercial real estate. Look at the median household income of the area to know how much people spend on rent on average when you are considering an apartment building. What are the major economic drivers in the area? Are there employers and a diverse economy? Consider the unemployment rate in the area. Look at the population trends as well. Is the population aging or growing? Who is moving into or out of the area?

The Specific Commercial Property

Of course, you’ll want to look at the profitability of the property, but you can’t just think about the current figures. You need to consider other factors that can influence the real estate value, such as competition and new construction that can impact your investment. Growing communities with a limited inventory of apartments are a better opportunity than a community that is aging out without new construction for families. While apartment buildings are almost always a good investment, the room for growth may be limited.

Is Buying Commercial Property a Good Idea?

Commercial property is almost always a good investment, but there are places where you can see a higher ROI. When considering a real estate investment opportunity in Mississippi, it can be helpful to have a commercial property management company work with you to provide all the information about the property to maximize your ROI. The Estes Group assists clients in an advisory capacity through any transaction. Our firm has extensive experience with retail, office, industrial, and multi-family properties to help you get the most from your real estate. Our team can help you find the right commercial real estate to meet your investment goals. We can even bring resources and equity sources to help pull together a project.

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