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What Makes a City One of the Best Places to Buy Multifamily Properties?

August 17th, 2022

What Makes a City One of the Best Places to Buy Multifamily PropertiesWhen investing in real estate, it pays to look at trends. World events significantly affect where people want to live. For example, they may want to leave the city after experiencing a pandemic and opt for suburbia. Shifts in industries sometimes force people to relocate. A seller’s market is incredible for an investor – but not so much for a renter as prices increase. Recognizing the different trends occurring almost simultaneously gives you the advantage to invest with eyes wide open. This is especially true when hunting for the best places to buy multifamily properties to enhance your portfolio.

4 Trends to Look for in Cities When Buying Multifamily Apartments

Finding the right city in which to invest is key. When you want to expand your portfolio, multifamily buildings offer many advantages, including low turnover and a higher return on investment. When you understand these four trends, you set yourself up for success:

  1. Growth in Population: It goes without saying—you need renters. Your occupancy rate will be low if a town, city, or area does not have people moving to it. Population growth fuels demand, giving you flexibility with rent prices.
  2. Job Growth: If your tenants cannot find jobs, they can’t pay rent. When people can find work, they tend to stay in one area. When you see job growth and people heading in to work, it’s a good sign that your vacancy rates will remain low.
  3. Price of Rent: You need to be aware of market rates and historic rents. Look for solid rent growth over the span of the past five years. It will give you an idea about future growth.
  4. New Development: Developers add value to cities. Their parks, office buildings, and other new buildings make an area enticing. This attracts new businesses, job seekers, and ultimately, the need for more multifamily housing.

A few things to keep in mind when analyzing a city for the four trends include:

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