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Make the Smart Choice – Diversify Your Real Estate Portfolio – Start with Alabama Apartment Complexes for Sale from The Estes Grou

January 22nd, 2021

Real estate investment often rises to the top of the list anytime you decide to build a passive income stream. The options you can choose from are many. Do you aim for a singular line of investing, thereby placing all your eggs in one basket or should you broaden your horizons? Many financial advisors would encourage you to diversify. You may agree with them, but you can choose many different avenues to accomplish your overall plan in the world of real estate.

How you choose to diversify can take many forms. It pays to have someone come alongside you and aid you in your decisions. The Estes Group does that and more. We offer a wide range of services, including acquisitions, property and asset management, and court-appointed receiverships. Whether you are looking for an Alabama apartment complex for sale or a strip mall in Tennessee, we can help you find the best income-producing property for your goals.

3 Ways You Can Diversify Your Investment Portfolio  

Diversifying is simple when you consider these three ways you can accomplish it:

  1. Broaden Your Geographical Reach: The Great Recession of 2008-2009 reminds us that geography plays a huge part in how the real estate market behaves. Different parts of the country react differently based on what is going on in the world and the legislation implemented for that area. For example, Detroit suffered greatly when the Recession hit the automotive industry. The local economy deteriorated immensely while other areas of the country were able to remain stable. Investing out-of-state can help mitigate this risk, such as choosing an Alabama apartment complex when you live in Georgia or Florida.
  2. Expand Your Asset Class: Filling your portfolio with only one class of assets can place you in danger of losses should things go sour. Think of how office and retail space has been affected by the pandemic. As more and more companies send their employees home to work, vacancies have risen. In contrast, warehouses and medical buildings have blossomed. You don’t have to invest in every class, but diversifying can help you reap many rewards during the market’s ups and downs.
  3. Work with an Expert Broker: Find a qualified broker with their ear to the ground and the wherewithal to help you find the best deal for your goals. The Estes Group has the knowledge and experience to assist you in building out your real estate portfolio. We have spent years working with a variety of investors to aid them in reaching their financial goals.

Choose the Best Alabama Apartment Complexes for Sale with The Estes Group

Work with a real estate investment broker that is investor-focused and has the knowledge, leadership, and ability to help you make the best decisions. We understand the various ways to purchase, own, and sell properties like 1031/1033 exchanges, self-directed IRA’s, real estate gifting, and estate planning. Whether you are looking for apartment complexes for sale or another type of investment property, we can help. We service Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, and Louisiana. Contact us today and let us help you achieve your goals.

Call us at 601-362-9633 or contact us online to discuss your real estate goals with our knowledgeable and experienced investment property brokers. We’ll help you research, choose, and purchase real estate investment properties for sale that deliver the best return on investment.

If an Alabama apartment complex for sale is at the top of your wish list, let’s talk today.