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6 Suggestions to Maintain Commercial Real Estate in Jackson, MS

May 12th, 2022

6 Suggestions to Maintain Commercial Real Estate in Jackson, MSReal estate investors utilize funds to buy properties that will increase their wealth. One aspect of property ownership is maintenance. Upkeep ensures that tenants continue to lease space and keep revenue coming in. Without it, buildings and sidewalks fall into disrepair and potentially cause harm to visitors and tenants alike. As an investor, you realize that time is also money. You may not have the time nor the expertise to keep up on maintenance or make needed repairs. Instead, it makes sense to utilize the property management services of a qualified company for all your commercial real estate in Jackson, MS.

How to Keep Your Commercial Property Enticing to Tenants

You don’t drive your car without regular oil changes, do you? Neither should you leave property maintenance undone. Remember, a well-functioning building and space encourages tenant retention, minimizes your expenses, and keeps everyone safe. Look for your preferred property management company to do the following to keep things running smoothly:

  1. Conduct Periodic Inspections: They use walk-throughs every few months to identify potential issues, such as damage. This isn’t a thorough inspection but it does prevent minor issues from becoming large ones.
  2. Complete Routine Maintenance: The team will change air filters, service HVAC systems, landscape the exterior, and check smoke detectors. Routine maintenance is anything but routine, as it helps keep equipment running efficiently.
  3. Additional Focus on High-Traffic Areas: Some parts of your property will have more traffic than others and require extra care. This includes lobbies, entrances, and public bathrooms.
  4. Repair Any Damage Immediately: Just as you have your car repaired when it’s damaged, your commercial real estate should be fixed too. Putting off minor repairs can cost you big, so a well-equipped management company will ensure things are repaired as soon as possible.
  5. Ensure Buildings Are Kept to Code: Buildings must be kept up to cod or you risk legal action and fines. You know things will be handled with proper management so your risk is significantly reduced.
  6. Monitor for Mold: Mold and mildew can be hazardous to a person’s health and tenants don’t like finding it either. Your property management team will watch for signs of leaks leading to mold, and find ways to remediate the mold growth.

Keep Your Commercial Property Pristine with an Excellent Management Company

An attractive property that is well-kept retains its value. You have better things to do than struggle with maintaining your commercial rea estate in Jackson, MS. Look to the services of The Estes Group for all your asset and property management needs. We understand what it takes to ensure your buildings are adequately maintained. We provide regular inspections and step in to make needed repairs immediately. You know your property is in good hands when you rely on us. We offer more than property management throughout Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, and Louisiana. Learn more about our services when you contact us today.

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