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Since the COVID pandemic hit in 2020, landlords and real estate investors have considered what their next steps should be on an almost daily basis. Unprecedented issues like rent and mortgage moratoriums, people leaving offices to work from home, and waiting for an effective vaccine has done little to help reinforce confidence in the market. As we start seeing some relief on the horizon, you may wonder if now is a good time to look at your commercial property portfolios. There are many hints that things are heating up for investment real estate in Jackson, Mississippi.

5 Key Reasons to Invest in Rental Real Estate Properties in Jackson, Mississippi  

Several sources are indicating that bidding wars have started for rental units. For example, The Business Journal’s article “Bidding wars for rental units? 2021’s rental market is also on fire” shares many instances that lessees are fighting for supremacy over a unit. Some will even offer to prepay six months in advance to secure a unit and Jackson, Mississippi, is no different. Roofstock offered some insight as to what is happening in The Magnolia State. Here are some highlights:

  1. Jackson’s Population is Blossoming: For the past eight years, Jackson has seen a population explosion, including a 0.74% growth year after year. Additionally, there is a young populace aged 20 to 49 and a labor force participation rate of 62.4%.
  2. Jackson’s Unemployment Rate Has Dropped: The area is enjoying a low unemployment rate of 6.4% in manufacturing, professional and business services, and government jobs. Experts forecast that Jackson can expect fast job growth over the next four years.
  3. It May Have the Perfect Market to Buy In: Home values are increasing and have increased by 29.1% over the previous year. The median square foot listing price is $90, with some neighborhoods having a median price of around $134,000.
  4. The Demand for Rental Properties is Growing: The rents in Jackson have increased 6% each year, with over three-quarters of units going for $1,000 per month or less. Almost half of total-occupied housing is renter-occupied.
  5. Jackson Offers a High Quality of Life: The cost of living is below the national average. Jackson us ranked for being a great place for young professionals, as well as a retiree. The city also has a humid subtropical climate that can entice those who don’t like snow. Residents have many opportunities to enjoy various cultural opportunities, dining, and sports activities.

Work with the Investment Real Estate Experts at The Estes Group

When you struggle to identify the best place to invest, depend on a qualified and experienced investment real estate broker like The Estes Group. We serve Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, and Tennessee with a client-focused approach. Work with us to find the best properties available to accomplish your wealth-building goals. Contact us today to get started with investment real estate in Jackson, Mississippi.

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Building an investment portfolio takes time and requires a desire to dig in and research the best opportunities to accomplish your financial goals. Sometimes finding the right option for your portfolio may require thinking outside the box. For example, you may want to add a strip mall to your existing properties but none are available at the right price or in the best areas. Another option you can try with investment real estate in Jackson, Mississippi and surrounding areas is build-to-suit development.

3 Benefits of Build-to-Suit Developments

You may have passed by some vacant land with large signs indicating the property is build-to-suit. It’s an opportunity to partner with a developer to buy land and build a new space to specific configurations for a particular tenant. Fast food chains are an example of a type of industry that uses build-to-suit developments. Having a tailored space for a long-term client is a great start, but there are more benefits to be enjoyed, including:

  1. Grow Your Portfolio without Stressing about Financing the Project: When you work with a build-to-suit partner, they often provide financing through joint venture partners and other capital funding avenues. You don’t have to struggle with “family” loans, construction loans, banks, or equity contributions. An established, experienced company will remain transparent, communicate continuously, and keep its standards high throughout the build.
  2. Obtain Excellent Sites and Utilize Marketing Strategies: Having all the funding in place doesn’t matter without a market-specific site selection strategy. Consider the investment real estate options in Jackson, Mississippi, provided to you by your development partner. Are you seeing options that answer your customer’s needs or are you looking at old inventory that needs to be liquidated? A good build-to-suit partner will make the effort to get to know your customer and your brand.
  3. Partner with a Fully Outsourced Company: Site selection is only one facet of the journey into retail development. There are contractors to hire, subcontractors to manage, permits to obtain, and due diligence reporting. These are only the tip of the iceberg. Utilize outside help that knows all of the tasks that need taking care of, so you can sleep easier and see your dream come to fruition.

Get the Most from Your Investment Real Estate in Jackson, Mississippi

Enjoy a new avenue of real estate investment income when you work with The Estes Group’s net lease division. Our team has the experience you require for build-to-suit developments, investment brokerage, asset management, and capital funding for your next commercial property. We work from a customer-focused mindset that ensures we get to know you, your brand, and your customer so that we can provide you with ideal sites for building. Additionally, we assist with finding the right tenants to expedite the process. Contact us today if you are looking for new investment opportunities in Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Louisiana!

Call us at 601-362-9633 or contact us online to discuss your real estate goals with our knowledgeable and experienced investment property brokers. We’ll help with net-lease developments and other investment real estate options in Jackson, Mississippi, so that you can reach your financial goals.


Diversification is the number one rule in investing. You might have heard this – having all your eggs in one basket can leave you with crushed eggs instead of a soufflé! Humor aside, as you consider your financial goals for the next year, consider the plethora of opportunities you can find in commercial real estate. You may choose to develop a piece of raw land, take over an office building, or invest in warehouses. There is something suitable for just about any investor.

Work with a boutique real estate brokerage like The Estes Group when looking for investment real estate in Jackson, Mississippi. We offer you an investor-focused experience unlike any other brokerage in the Gulf South states. Experience superior service and continual communication when you hire us to help you build out your real estate portfolio.

5 Reasons Commercial Investment Real Estate Makes Sense  

Here are five reasons to diversify your portfolio with commercial investments:

  1. Increase Income Potential: Location is important, but with the right area, you can expect a much higher annual return on the purchase price than in the residential market. It may be possible to see a 6-12% return in the commercial market versus 1-4% in the residential arena. This can make the difference between a few hundred dollars a month and a few thousand.
  2. Easier to Diversify Risk: With multiple tenants, you run less risk of losing out on an entire month’s rent when a tenant leaves. For example, you may have ten tenants in your strip mall. If one or two vacate, you still have the bulk of your stores leased and money coming in. Additionally, there are many different options for commercial investment real estate in Jackson, Mississippi. You can find medical offices, warehouses, and multi-use properties.
  3. Less Tenant Turnover: You can expect leases to last for about three years or more usually. Tenants are invested in building their businesses, and they will not want to move their companies at the end of a one-year lease. With the longer terms, you don’t have to worry about finding new lessees as frequently.
  4. Better Tenant-Landlord Relationship: Because your tenants are also business owners, they have their reputations to protect. They will typically work with you with a higher level of professionalism than residential tenants may. They are generally also better at following the rules set out in their lease since money is on the line.
  5. Less ‘On-Call’ Hours: You will find that your commercial tenants will call you less in the off-hours. They tend to keep regular business hours and will generally engage you then. To give you even fewer on-call hours, consider hiring a property manager like The Estes Group to handle most aspects of your commercial rental empire.

Broaden Your Portfolio with Assistance from The Estes Group

Decide today to expand your wealth-building goals by investigating commercial investment real estate with The Estes Group. We can help you find the right properties and then service them with property and asset management options. Not only do we service Mississippi, but we also operate out of Alabama, Tennessee, and Louisiana. Looking for help with acquisitions, development, or court-appointed receiverships? Please talk with us first.

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