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Achieve Your Financial Goals with Help from The Estes Group

Entering into any complex venture requires the aid of an expert. Filing taxes goes much smoother when a CPA is involved and designing a house should be left up to an architect. Drafting a will starts with an attorney. All of these professionals make things easier while protecting your best interests. An investment property broker does the same thing. These real estate gurus step in to find you the best return on your investment to build up your portfolio. They understand all the ins and outs of the process, giving you an edge over others who choose to go it alone making costly mistakes along the way.

Gain the upper hand in acquiring the properties you seek when you work with the investment real estate professionals at The Estes Group. We concentrate on helping you find the right opportunities to attain your goals. We’re a boutique agency that believes in an investor-focused approach to our clients. We strive to understand the investments in both the local and global markets. That means better options for you.

What Does an Investment Property Broker Do?

Whether you have been investing for years or looking for your first investment, a commercial broker can be your best advisor. Here’s what you can expect your broker to handle:

  1. Assistance with Purchases, Sales, or Leases: These professionals are experts in commercial real estate and its varied transactions. Your broker represents you when you’re buying, selling, or leasing, to ensure you get the best terms in the transaction.
  2. Help Developing an Investment Strategy: When you develop a long-standing business relationship with an investment property broker, they will sit with you and help you determine the best course of action for your goals.
  3. Serve as an Intermediary for Landlords and Tenants: Your broker can represent you as a landlord when dealing with potential tenants to get both parties the best terms possible on a lease.

How to Find an Investment Property Broker

When researching for a broker to help you build your real estate portfolio, consider looking for these traits:

Build Your Portfolio for Long-Standing Wealth – Choose The Estes Group

Don’t take chances with your financial future. Choose to work with a property broker like The Estes Group, who has your best interest at heart. We offer many investment opportunities to fit your specific needs. Look to us for brokerage and transaction services, multifamily brokerages, property and asset management, acquisitions, development, and court-appointed receiverships.

We take the time to educate our clients, empowering them to make the best choices for their financial growth. Not only do we service Mississippi but also Alabama, Tennessee, and Louisiana.

Call us at 601-362-9633 or contact us online to discuss your real estate goals with our knowledgeable and experienced investment property brokers. We’ll help you research, choose, and purchase real estate investment properties for sale that deliver the best return on investment.


Finding the right commercial property to add to your portfolio is time consuming. When you do find one, you want to ensure that you will get the most return on your investment. How do you determine that? Sure, you can look at net operating income, capitalization rate, and cash-on-cash formulas. Even looking for motivated sellers can aid you in getting a good deal. However, the question remains, how do you know for sure that your new property will be a success and benefit your financial portfolio?

Examine the attributes that indicate a property will be successful and rely on the expertise of The Estes Group, Mississippi’s reliable investment real estate company. Our client-centered approach sets us apart. We work with you to provide a comprehensive view of the property you wish to acquire so that you have a good understanding of the earning potential. We aim to understand your personal goals and objectives and operate with those in mind, giving you a solid foundation upon which to build your portfolio.

4 Hints that a Commercial Investment Property May Be Successful  

There is more to successful investing than NOI, cap rate, and cash-on-cash. These metrics are essential, but what drives those metrics is the key to success. Here are four attributes that we believe are signs that an investment property will be successful:

  1. It’s in the right location – Yes, you have to start with an excellent location and it’s not just about the market in which the property is located. It also includes proximity to amenities and competition, which all work together to give you a basis for a successful investment.
  2. There is easy access – Owning a commercial property on the best street in town means nothing to your tenants if access is an issue. Let’s say you’re interested in acquiring a strip mall in a busy part of town, but you notice there are no stoplights nearby or no major roads accessible. If a tenant’s customer cannot get in and out quickly, you may be hard-pressed to stay at full occupancy.
  3. Repairs and upkeep have been attended to – Worn-out buildings are an eyesore for potential tenants. Staying on top of maintenance is imperative. Prospective tenants will want to see that items like parking lots, signs, roofs, and landscaping are kept in good condition. View the overall look of the commercial property you’re considering purchasing. The right conditions could entice brand-name tenants.
  4. The leasing process is seamless – Getting hung up on paperwork and lack of communication turns away many tenants. Investment properties that have a simple method for leasing are much more enticing. Choose to work with a property management company like The Estes Group, to step in and make the leasing process seamless.

Choose Mississippi’s Preferred Investment Property Broker – The Estes Group

Look at more than the property metrics, and examine what drives those metrics when considering investment real estate. The Estes Group team keeps its ear to the ground on all commercial properties in Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, and Louisiana. We have the experience and knowledge to find you the types of investments you want for your financial goals. We strive to help our clients reach the level of success they want.

Call us at 601-362-9633 or contact us online to discuss your real estate goals with our knowledgeable and experienced investment property brokers. We’ll help you research, choose, and purchase a commercial investment property that delivers the best return on investment.

 Experienced Investment Property Brokerage Weighs In

The coronavirus pandemic has done much to stifle people and businesses. While countries across the world shutdown, economies bordered on sinking like the Titanic. Stores that relied on in-person visits from customers, like hairstylists, found themselves shuttered and worrying about when or if they could go back to work. Others, like healthcare workers, put in long hours and fretted about the safety of their families. Many Americans took this time to assess their current life choices and decide on their next moves. Real estate investors are no different. As they watched rent income take a nose-dive, they had to step back and decide whether to keep chugging along or to sell everything and give up.

While much is still to be seen, many investors see new opportunities ahead, especially in the Jackson, Mississippi area. One news article noted that Jackson didn’t take a dramatic hit as some larger commercial markets. That is excellent news if you are looking to expand your business with a real estate investment opportunity in Mississippi. The Estes Group keeps its ear to the ground and stays abreast of the current situations. Work with us to find your next investment property opportunity and enjoy the years of experience available to serve you.

Where to Focus on Investment Opportunities after COVID-19

Even as the pandemic continues, use the chance to make needed changes and shore up your real estate investment portfolio. Consider these three areas to get you started:

  1. Technology: One of the most significant assets you have when looking for your next real estate investment opportunity in Mississippi is through technology. A simple search over the Internet will render you with plenty of responses. One particular tool is the Mississippi Commercial Real Estate Exchange (MSCREX). It was designed with commercial property brokers in mind. Search this expansive database to find valuable resources such as demographic information as well as property availability.
  2. New Niches: COVID-19 has people all over the world re-evaluating their lives and livelihoods. Some are branching out into new arenas. Now may be a good time to look into other commercial real estate investment opportunities. For example, last-mile warehousing is gaining in popularity as online shopping has skyrocketed. Another up-and-coming option is multifamily micro-apartments. These are tiny living units generally between 200 to 400 square feet that appeal to a younger crowd. Mom and Pop retail strip centers offer flexibility for the different types of businesses occupying them, and the convenience of the residential neighborhoods being served.
  3. Experts within the Market: Long-time investors understand that the market fluctuates. They also depend on commercial real estate brokers who keep their thumb on the pulse of what is going on. To find the best opportunities for your expanding business or portfolio, be sure to enlist the services of an experienced investment property brokerage like The Estes Group.

Nail Your Commercial Real Estate Investment Opportunity in Mississippi  

Avoid losing out on new opportunities during this time of uncertainty in many areas. The team at The Estes Group stays abreast of the ever-changing real estate landscape not only for Mississippi, but also for Alabama, Tennessee, and Louisiana. When you want to work with a premier investment real estate company, look no further.

If there’s a real estate investment opportunity in Mississippi you can take advantage of, know that it won’t wait for you—so you shouldn’t wait either!

Call us at 601-362-9633 or contact us online to discuss your goals with our knowledgeable and experienced brokers.