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Hedge against Inflation – Invest in Multifamily Properties —Learn the Best Places to Buy with Help from The Estes Group

March 10th, 2021

Long-term investors understand there is a certain level of volatility that comes with any investment. The coronavirus pandemic has heightened everyone’s awareness. Questions about what is the best move to make during uncertainty and what to add to your portfolio abound. Should you switch from office spaces to warehouses? What is a safe option that allows for good yields? When considering your next investment move, look for the best places to buy multifamily properties.

Work with a boutique real estate agency that keeps on top of the ebbs and flows of commercial property investing. The Estes Group understands what is happening in the market and helps you attain those investments that will enhance your portfolio. Contact us today to get started with our multifamily property brokerage services.

Multifamily Properties Lead the Way – Especially for Foreign Buyers

The pandemic has many investors eyeing their portfolios in anticipation of potential moves. According to National Real Estate Investor, international investors have similar thoughts and seek the safety of multifamily commercial real estate. They made a few key points that are noteworthy:

  1. Foreign Investors See the Potential: The number of foreign investors is likely to increase from its slight dip in 2020. They see that office buildings are not the place to be at the moment. It’s possible that new entrants will join the ranks of foreign buyers as well.
  2. Many Will Seek Safety and Yields: According to some, U.S. multifamily assets are incredibly safe. They did well during the last recessions and have done well through the pandemic. Foreign investors want to take advantage of the weaker U.S dollar and alleviate some fear about the dollar shifting in value after making a bid.
  3. Multifamily Properties Provide a Hedge against Inflation: Apartment leases renew yearly, and rents tend to go up with each renewal. As the economy recovers, there may be some inflation and apartments can be the needed hedge.

Shore Up Your Portfolio with The Estes Group’s Assistance

Choose The Estes Group and enjoy a new experience in commercial real estate investments. We walk you through the pros and cons of purchasing a multifamily property. For example, the cash flow is predictable even though they are pricier to purchase. We will sit with you and discuss your wealth-building goals and work with you to achieve them through all our services, including acquisitions, maintenance, management, and sales. We love educating our clients, to empower them to make the best choices for their financial growth. Not only do we service Mississippi, but we also offer our services in Alabama, Tennessee, and Louisiana.

Call us at 601-362-9633 or contact us online to discuss your real estate goals with our knowledgeable and experienced investment property brokers. We’ll help you research the best places to buy multifamily properties and choose ones that deliver the best return on investment.

If a multifamily apartment complex for sale is at the top of your investment wish list, let’s talk today.